My name is Petra. I am an East-West German graphic artist and writer.

After many years of a rather nomadic life, jumping back and forth between Germany, the UK, France, Singapore and Malaysia, I now work and live in Paris. I spend most of my days designing things, recycling images, and stringing words into sentences that are often quite elaborate and much longer than necessary or reasonable. Whatever time is left, I spend on books.

A few years ago, I re-discovered collage [the above-mentioned image recycling] as the art form that lets me combine and express all the things that interest me: images and words, old and new, good and bad, fact and fiction, hit and miss, and over time I developed a style that combines and expresses analog and digital.  

In my work I deal with the visually oversaturated world I live in, and the over- as well as under-stimulation that comes with it. It’s my way of appropriating imagery that I most of the time, given the choice, wouldn’t have looked at in the first place.

I listen to a lot of music while I work, hence the music references everywhere. I love summer and the beach, hence the palm trees everywhere. And I have two pet bunnies called Pepper & Dot, hence the bunny pictures everywhere.

Last but by no means least, currently mainly and above all, I'm the founder and creative director of Paris Collage Collective, an international collage artist community that hopes to encourage creative expression, exchange and collaboration.

Please say hi.