Hello, my name is Petra Zehner. I am a German artist, graphic designer and educator based in Paris, France.

After studying literature and linguistics in Berlin, and graphic design and marketing in London, and after many years of a rather nomadic life – jumping back and forth between the UK, Germany, France and Malaysia – I now work and live in Paris.

My first love was (and always will be) words, with art coming in a close second, chronologically speaking, as I discovered it only thanks to being able to read about it.

Growing up in an anti-intellectual, almost hostile environment towards any kind of creative or artistic expression, in a small town in East Germany, left me feeling isolated and lost, and sent me on a very long odyssey to find my spiritual as well as physical home. After leaving Germany, I started to experiment with writing, photography, illustration and graphic design until I discovered collage as the medium that combines it all and works for me.

What I have learned from my years of hesitating, experimenting, and taking detours like my life depended on it, is that a little encouragement and faith and the tiniest opportunity can go a long way, and that the lack of thereof can be devastating. And not just when it comes to art or creativity. As a consequence, educating and teaching – even though I don’t like either of the words much, passing on my experiences maybe… – have become more and more important to me over time.
I founded Paris Collage Collective in 2018. The initial aim was to connect with fellow collage artists, but the scope of the project expanded almost immediately to include creative challenges and other collaborative projects that encourage creative expression.

I am currently working as a freelance artist and graphic designer, and I run Paris Collage Collective. I am always interested in and open to short and long-term creative projects and collaborations. I am also available for commissions and to create visuals for any kind of media, or for social media management and communication.

I am particularly interested in working with non-profits with a social, environmental, educational, artistic or cultural focus.

For recent work, please check out my Instagram account. If you are interested in working with me, you can connect via LinkedIn or send me an email.

For very infrequent (I promise) news on what else I am up to, you can sign up for my newsletter.

Thank you…
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Paris Collage Collective is an international collage community. Its aim is to encourage creative expression and collaborations. PCC hosts weekly creative challenges and open calls, and publishes articles about and interviews with collage artists.
Founder & Creative Director
2018 - present

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