welcome to the jungle

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welcome to the jungle

collage meet-up

come say hello at the first post-pandemic PCC meet-up! when: October 19, 2021 at 7pm - where: La Bastille (to be confirmed) at Bastille (where else)

for more information, keep an eye on Instagram (mine or PCC’s)

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play and record

i am super excited to be part of Edingburg Collage Collective’s ‘Play and Record CASSETTE TAPE Collages Open Submission Project [2021]

available via ECC

collage care

i am very happy to be included in Collage Care - Transforming Emotions and Life Experiences with Collage [2021], published by Laurie Kanyer of the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection

available via Amazon


a series of collage and mixed media pieces based on the photograph of an unknown woman, taken by Alfred Henderson sometime between 1900 and 1917. 

Elleree will be my muse for the (Covid) year(s) to come. i will create 365 collage or mixed media illustrations using her portrait as a starting point, taking inspiration from the work of artists i admire, or styles i like. this is not a daily challenge. it will take as long as it takes. inspiration can come in the form of a specific image or a more general style or feel.

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on boy toys and girl crushes

two portrait series of 35 images each, created during the Covid pandemic in summer and fall 2020. available as small format catalogues. published spring 2021.

︎︎︎ available on demand

paris collage collective yearbooks 2019 & 2020

PCC yearbooks 2019 & 2020, the former delayed by a whole year thanks to Covid [ a big thank you to Puck van Doorn and Jennifer Sampson for their ongoing support, and to a couple of non-collage world people for their help and advice ]. published May 2021.

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creative quarantine: esthetic lens magazine

The past nine months have been an emotional roller coaster. There was a lot of anger at the consistently inconsistent measures taken by astoundingly incompetent governments all over the world, frustration, disappointment, denial, and a growing anxiety about the future. Some of it is thankfully [?] slowly replaced by resignation and fatalism (those things are unpleasant but still better than anger). I myself am holding up quite well. I have health insurance, a home, and am not at risk of losing any of that anytime soon. But months of helplessly watching more and more things fall apart all around me – careers, businesses, institutions, relationships – is taking its toll. That said, I am also hopeful and optimistic for the (hopefully not too far off) future. I think we are all more resilient than we may feel at the moment. We just need to make it to the point where we can start to rebuild without the constant threat of new restrictions hanging above us.

interview, October 2020

photo trouvée magazine, vol. 2

feature, September 2020

paris collage collective

Paris Collage Collective is an international collage community. its aim is to encourage creative expression and collaborations. PCC hosts weekly creative challenges, runs open calls, publishes articles about and interviews with collage artists, and organizes a variety of other events.

founder & creative director 2018 - present

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