petra zehner

artist, illustrator and graphic designer


after months of first confinement and then social distancing, and now to cope with a whole winter of more confinement and social distancing to come, I decided to organize a little artist meetup online

because this is still a bit of an experiment, and because not everyone is comfortable in large groups, the meetup will be limited to six people (give or take a couple)


thursday, october 15, 2020 – 8pm CEST or UTC+02.00

(two fancy ways of saying 8 o’clock Paris time)


microsoft teams or skype

(to be decided - both are free to use and available across all platforms and devices)

if you are interested, please get in touch via email or direct message on instagram, let me know if you prefer teams or skype (I’ll go with the majority), and I’ll add you to either a teams or skype group

I look forward to meeting you (with a glass of wine. maybe even a gin and tonic.)

ps: if you want to stay informed about upcoming meet-ups, please keep an eye on my Instagram account, or sign up for my newsletter!